5 Tips to Fireproof Your Home


5 Tips to Fireproof Your Home

1. Fire extinguishers should be on stand-by

Fire extinguishers are the most fundamental, and effective, defense against house fires. It is best to keep one in every room in the house so that reaction time can be minimized, and the chance of fire spreading eliminated as quickly as possible. If you cannot afford to place one in every room, then at least ensure there is one on every level of the home, and try to focus on accident-prone areas such as kitchens, living rooms with fireplaces, and garages. Make sure that you check the expiry dates, replace them when necessary, and give each member of the house a quick tutorial on their use.

2. Keep your smoke alarms service-ready

All contemporary homes come with smoke-alarms installed, but many homeowners neglect their maintenance. Check your alarms every 4 months, ensuring that the batteries are still holding their charge, and that the sensors are responsive.

3. Install fire-resistant carpeting

This type of special carpeting is available in desirable colours and patterns, leaving homeowners no excuse to avoid using them. Conventional carpets made of wool and synthetic materials ignite easily, and their extensive room coverage acts as the perfect conduit to spread the flame through your home.

4. Empty out your lint traps regularly

Make sure that you clean out your lint trap with each use. This simple 5-second task is often overlooked. Many house fires start because excessive lint is set alight by overheating dryers.

5. Remember that hoarding is a hazard

Most homes tend to accumulate junk as the years go by. Bins filled with old toys, report cards, outdated clothes, and receipts are often tucked into the corners of basements, garages, or jammed into closets. These are all highly flammable, and will act as the perfect kindling for a wayward spark or up-ended candle. Make it a habit to purge a bit of junk each time your neighbourhood garbage collection comes for pick-ups.

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