Light And Diffuser Cleaning


Steamatic light and diffuser cleaning services uses a safe, and highly effective dry cloth cleaning technique that removes dust, dirt, and other debris. This keeps lights in good order, maintaining good energy efficiency, reducing glare and shadows, and reducing the need to purchase new lighting equipment.

Effective light and diffuser cleaning service by Steamatic

Reflective fluorescent lighting has many applications in offices, business premises, and industrial units. The addition of a diffuser as well as the powerful light itself offers a steady and uniform spread of light while requiring minimal energy usage. Unfortunately, though, they can gather dust and become dirty if not maintained regularly.

Regular light and diffuser cleaning can save your business money

Clean lights offer the best possible light output, which means fewer lighting units are required. Not only does this mean reduced costs involved in the initial purchase and subsequent replacement of parts but it also means energy costs can be reduced and minimised. In the modern environment, energy costs have become an increased concern for most businesses and enterprises and light and diffuser care can help minimise this concern for your business.
Clean, well maintained lights also offer the best possible working conditions.
Not only is light output maximised but the removal of dirt and other material means that the light that is produced is uniform and “clean”. Shadows and glare are both reduced through regular and effective cleaning. You should also consider light and diffuser cleaning to be an integral facet in an office or building refurbishment; a time when lights and other office equipment can become especially dirty.

Improve energy bills and working conditions with regular lights cleaning

At Steamatic we believe the best approach is a regular maintenance program to help ensure that your fluorescent lights retain the same high level of quality throughout their life. Annual cleaning will not only reduce your energy bills and improve the lighting and working conditions in the office or other space, but will help ensure that your lightsdiffusers, and other critical components will last longer and continue to perform to their best ability.

You may also consider having your lights and diffusers cleaned if you notice impairment in the quality of lighting they offer or as part of a refurbishment or redecoration plan.

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We are very happy with the repairs and with Avalon Steamatic. Your team is fantastic! From the initial survey and analysis of the damage by Dave, to Kevin’s team with their excellent carpentry and cabinet making skills, to the excellent work by the cleaning staff, and to your readily accessible self, keeping us in the loop on everything – we were in good hands, and we thank you. I’m pretty sure this was our second time around (second water damage) claim that your company looked after, and it was reassuring to have such a professional company restore our property. We would certainly recommend Avalon Steamatic for anyone going through a similar experience.

Mr Thorne - Steamatic Avalon