Insurance industry

Steamatic Canada Offers Insurers exclusive classes in the Restoration and Cleaning Industry. Get in touch with Steamatic to find out about our next available session.


Steamatic’s reputation for providing professional services makes us widely trusted by insurance companies and insurance agents.

Our highly professional personnel are trained to pay close attention to detail and to be thoughtful and sympathetic towards affected parties. We realize that no matter how prepared you are on paper, disaster may strike at any time and then even the best of emergency recovery plans can be difficult to implement. Steamatic can be there to offer you professional assistance at this trying time and to help you pick up the pieces and start to rebuild.


Guaranteed and efficient work

Through our Steamatic Franchises, we provide continuing education courses. In our 40 years and more of providing disaster recovery clean up and restoration services, we have acquired vast experience of liaising between insurance companies and the affected parties to settle your claims. Insurance companies know that Steamatic employs only the most skilled and qualified certified professionals and that any assessments and clean-up work we undertake will be completed properly and effectively. At Steamatic we understand that it is in your best interests to settle the claim swiftly and competently, so that you can get your property and belongings back together and start to rebuild your lives. When liaising between you and your insurance company we are fully accountable for any services we undertake on your behalf.

In order to continue to provide the best possible services, we offer all of our clients a quality questionnaire assessing the quality of our work. This questionnaire not only helps us to improve our services, but it also means that we pay close attention to each project in order to implement it as well as we possibly can. At Steamatic, we are extremely proud of our long-lived global reputation for professionalism, knowledge and expertise and we strive to continue to maintain it and improve to better serve you in the future.

For more information on the available, approved scheduled courses in your area, please contact your local area Steamatic Franchise.

All of Steamatic’s Franchises offer continuing education courses so that our professional restoration, renovation and clean up experts are always the most qualified in their respective fields.

Why choose Steamatic?

More than 45 years of experience

We act fast and we are efficient

Approved by Insurers across Canada

Accreditation and continued formation