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Graffiti can instantly ruin the curb appeal of any street, neighborhood or even town. With quick action, the appropriate state of the art techniques, and fully trained professional cleaners, spray paint and graffiti can be quickly and easily removed from most surfaces leaving little or no trace.

Steamatic is well equipped and have had vast experience worldwide at this type of clean up

We have found that mechanical brooms, power washers, soda blasting and dry ice blasting are extremely effective techniques to remove even the worst of graffiti and that with a little patience and scrubbing skills even the most stubborn of older sprayed on paint will disappear.

This service isn't restricted exclusively to the exterior walls of your property

Vandals spray graffiti on just about any surface available and on many occasions we have been called in to remove it from driveways, sidewalks, pavements, and tarmac and cement roads. Empty properties seem to be of special appeal to graffiti vandals, and we have often had to clean up these too, and to board them up afterwards to avoid a repeat reoccurrence.


At Steamatic we have been extremely successful in eliminating graffiti from plastic, metal, glass, wood and brick and masonry.


The method we use depends on the type and condition of surface – for example metal can be cleaned with pressure washing while concrete and masonry generally respond well to our more abrasive soda blasting techniques.

Even older, more delicate historic buildings can be cleaned of graffiti with our every effective but gentle dry ice blasting graffiti cleaning methods which eliminate just about all traces of the graffiti without damaging the surface.

More Advantages of Dry Ice Blasting

In dry ice blasting we fire carbon dioxide crystals at the surface to be cleaned which lifts off the dirt and contaminants but has little impact on the surface itself, which makes it an ideal technique for use on very fragile or delicate materials. The other advantage of dry ice blasting is that the carbon dioxide crystals vaporize almost immediately after they come into contact with surface they are cleaning so there is very little wet residue or mess to clean up and the surface dries almost immediately. Dry ice cleaning is so clean and dry a method it can even be used on electrical and electronic components.


At Steamatic, our skilled technicians, expert knowledge and innovative graffiti cleaning techniques have enabled us to remove graffiti from numerous industrial and residential premises with causing damage. Removing graffiti has an instantly uplifting effect on the appearance of just about any property, and can restore the appeal of the overall area too.


For more information about our soda blasting, dry ice blasting and other enquiries about our graffiti removal techniques and prices, call us today.

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