Why Dry Ice Cleaning Makes Sense


Why Dry Ice Cleaning Makes Sense

Dry ice gives cleaning gives professionals:


  • significant reduction in cleaning time
  • much more manageable labour requirements
  • an environmentally responsible clean that uses no chemicals and produces no secondary waste
  • an unparalleled clean, removing well over 90% of mold spores from contaminated wood and other surfaces
  • incredible access to hard-to-reach places for a more thorough clean


How does it work?


Dry ice blasting relies upon the four physical properties of air-propelled dry ice pellets, remembered easily with the acronym V.A.T.E:


  • Velocity – Pellets of frozen carbon dioxide are blasted out of the nozzle with concentrated air pressure operating at a high velocity.
  • Abrasion – As the pellets make contact with the contaminated surface, their velocity abrades the substance that the customer needs removed (often mold).
  • Thermal shock – At a temperature of -109 degrees Fahrenheit, the dry ice instantly shocks and freezes the mold, allowing it to loosen and come free of the surface wherein it is embedded.
  • Evaporation – As the dry ice pellet hits the target substance, it flash-changes into carbon dioxide gas. This creates a further “lifting” or “stripping” effect, as the pellets’ rapid volume expansion drives the target substance off of wood, concrete, or stone surfaces. This evaporating effect leaves no secondary waste behind, aside from a light “saw dust” kicked up by the blasting pressure.


Why it makes sense:


Dry ice blasting is the best mold removal solution. Sanding mold off disperses spores back into the air, and does not sanitize the area without the application of biocide chemicals, adding time, cost, and environmental repercussions to a job that dry ice blasting could take care of. Dry ice blasting is faster than other known methods, and also much safer, being safe to blast around wiring, plumbing, and pipe fixtures.


For more information on dry ice cleaning methods, click here.

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