Summer Cleaning Tips

Ah, summer. The sun, the heat, the ice pop drips, sticky, sweaty hands, glasses filled with condensation, and the ever-breathtaking smell of mildew due to heat. Summer is without doubt, a great season, but it also happens to be the season for messes, especially with the intense heat.

So, to keep your love of summer, we have created a simple list of tips to help make it a clean one.  

  • A good way to clean those grimey, finger printed faucets is to use your old lemon peels.

    This is also a nice way to reduce compost in your bin. Simply collect the lemon left overs and rub them over the surface. The acidicity of the lemon will help to shine up and remove prints and grime.

  • One of the biggest frustrations of the summer is the water rings. You know the ones. They form underneath your wine glass or ice cold cup of lemonade.

    You almost forget until you pick up the glass from your wooden table and see it… the ring. Do not panic, your table will be just fine. Apply a bit of full-fat mayo to the ring for about an hour, then lightly wipe it away with a towel or cloth.

  • Nobody likes to get a wiff of mildew upon opening the bucket pool toys are stored in. This problem is easily solved.

    Be sure pool toys are dried completely before going back in their rightful place, and on occasion, do not be afraid to wipe them down with white vinegar to kill bacteria.

  • Take your trash can for a walk. Outside. To the hose. Use soap and water to clean it from inside out to avoid any unpleasent smells.

    Dry on the inside and then leave outside to air dry.

  • Think ahead to the colder months and schedule an HVAC cleaning and maintenance to be able to make the most of your system.

Summer is good, but enjoying the hot, sunny weather at the same time as enjoying a clean home and yard is great. Try out these tips today and make it the best summer yet.

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