Steamatic’s Guide to Spotless Windows

Windows can be tricky to clean, they seem so tedious, struggling with arm motions you did not know you had, wiping and spraying, and somehow a streak will always be left behind when it dries. But no more. With Steamatic's tips on how to clean your windows, the sun will shine again. Literally. Through your windows.

Before you get out the bucket of water and soap, make sure it is a nice day with not too much sun or heat. Excess heat and light can cause your windows to dry to quickly and can be a main contributor to streaking on the glass. 

Begin by grabbing everything you need, this should be a clean or lightly used sponge, lint-free cloths, a small and soft-bristled scrubbing brush, paper towels, a glass cleaner such as windex, and if you have a squeegee, it significantly helps.

You are going to begin by sucking up dirt and debris with a vacuum, hand held vacuums work best in this situation. By vacuuming the area before hand it seriously decreases the spread of dust, dander, and dirt getting back on your windows and makes for an easier clean. If there is window gunk in the corners or creases along your window sill, remove that with a stick-like attachment and an alcohol-water solution. This can be anything from a tooth pick to a cotton swab.<

Next, remove dust and cobwebs by hand with a dusting cloth, usually damp as this allows more debris to stick and be removed from the surface. Afterward, brush the areas of the windows with the scrub brush, use it dry first and then dip it in warm, slightly soapy water and continue to scrub. Use plain water on a lint-free cloth to remove the next layer, and if you have a squeegee this is prime time to pull the water away from the surface. The squeegee with help to eliminate streaks as it cleans and dries almost immediately. Use the sponge to once more go over the windows, picking up anything you may have missed and dry with the lint-free cloth. 

The final step is to use a cleaner, such as Windex for example, to shine the glass up and completely remove and streaks. Spray this directly on the window and wipe with a new paper towel for each spray. 
The window will dry leaving no streaks behind. 

If you are tired of stressing over your windows, if they have gone years without cleaning and you are not sure where to even start, try our tips and get that streak-free, sunny day shine. 

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We are very happy with the repairs and with Avalon Steamatic. Your team is fantastic! From the initial survey and analysis of the damage by Dave, to Kevin’s team with their excellent carpentry and cabinet making skills, to the excellent work by the cleaning staff, and to your readily accessible self, keeping us in the loop on everything – we were in good hands, and we thank you. I’m pretty sure this was our second time around (second water damage) claim that your company looked after, and it was reassuring to have such a professional company restore our property. We would certainly recommend Avalon Steamatic for anyone going through a similar experience.

Mr Thorne - Steamatic Avalon