3 Vinyl Floor Care and Cleaning Tips

  • Enlist a door mat “door man” to keep trouble-makers out. Two of your vinyl floors’ worst enemies are dirt and chemicals. Every dirt particle that is tracked on to your vinyl flooring increases the amount of time you’ll be spending with a broom in hand. If left unswept, dirt and grit will gradually grind the finish off of your floor. Chemicals that are commonly used to treat asphalt surfaces can adhere to the bottom of your shoes and cause your vinyl floors to yellow over time. Encouraging your guests and family to wipe their boots on the door mat can be all it takes to reduce damage to your floors.
  • Learn to use a gentle touch. As with many things in life, when it comes to vinyl cleaning, less can be more. It might be tempting to tackle stains with caustic cleaning solutions and gallons of elbow grease, but doing so could reduce the lifespan of your vinyl. Instead, try to use a gentle touch. Giving your floors a light vacuuming and sweeping every day will go a long way towards preventing damage to your floor’s finish. Wipe up spills right away so that you don’t need to scrub them off later, and use a mop dampened with warm water for stubborn spills. If you need to break out a box of soap, make sure that it is appropriate for your flooring.
  • Don’t douse your floors. Drenching your vinyl floors during a cleaning may seem like the best way to rinse away soaps and grime, but in reality this practice can do more harm than good. Excess amounts of water from an over-soaked mop will bleed into the cracks, seams, and crevices in your floor. Once water has settled there, it will break down the glue holding your vinyl in place, and could cause corners to curl.

Following these 3 simple Steamatic tips for vinyl care and cleaning will set you on the right path towards well-maintained and long-lasting flooring. If you need further assistance, or are looking for help with some heavy-duty hard surface cleaning, contact Steamatic today! 

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