Shelter from the Storm: Lightning Storm Safety Tips


Shelter from the Storm: Lightning Storm Safety Tips

Choosing a safe shelter:

If your shelter is to provide protection, it must have a mechanism in place to safely conduct the electrical current to the ground from the point of contact. These mechanisms can be inside or outside of your shelter. Lightning can follow metal gutters and downspouts to the ground, or travel within your home through electrical wiring, plumbing, and telephone lines on its way to the ground.

Small shelters such as wooden, vinyl, or metal sheds offer no protection from lightning, nor does any building lacking plumbing, wiring, or dedicated lightning-grounding mechanisms.

Staying safe indoors:

It is imperative that you refrain from making contact with potential grounding pathways during lightning storms. Lightning can damage your home by igniting construction materials, while electronic appliances can also be damaged by surges, but the following guidelines should keep you safe regardless:

  • Do not touch corded phones, or any electronics that are plugged in. Unplug electronics well before the onset of the storm.
  • Do not touch plumbing of any kind. This means that while the storm rages, you should not wash your hands, take a shower, do wishes, or do the laundry.
  • Keep off of porches, and do not stray near windows and doors.
  • Keep off of concrete floors, and do not lean against concrete walls in your garage or basement.

Following these tips should keep you safe during the most savage of lightning storms, but damages to your home can still occur. If your home should receive any damage as a result of lightning strikes, you should contact professionals specializing in demolition and renovation in response to these events. 

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