Stop the Stink with Steamatic Odour-Removal Tips

Your home or business stinks. You wouldn't be reading this for any other reason. It might be putrid trash, the ammonia aroma from your pet's litter box, or the wet-and-dusty smell of mildew – whatever it is, it needs to go! Unwanted odours around the house are embarrassing, offensive, and may even indicate health hazards, as in the case of mold or pet waste.

Commercial deodorizers can cover up what reeks, but the reality is that stink is usually a sign that something badly needs to be cleaned up somewhere. Masking odours only adds another layer to a rich reek; your time is much better spent finding how to remove the odour rather than covering it up.

Depending on the size of the problem, you may need to hire professional cleaning services. Steamatic cleaners can handle everything from carpet to concrete, providing you with high-power cleaning that is as tough on stains and smells as it is gentle on the environment. Whether you need dry-ice blasting, steam-cleaning, mechanized sweepers, or bio-hazardous clean-up, we can handle it! Visit https://www.steamatic.ca to call in the heavy artillery for your plus-size stinky mess.

If the job seems a little more manageable, then you may consider trying out some simple home remedies first. Steamatic can help with that, too! Read on to learn some simple odour-stopping tips from the Steamatic professionals. If you decide it is too much to handle half way through, then you can always call 1-888-767-7616 for back-up!

Obliterating general odours.

Before we tackle some more specialized stink-removal strategies, let’s review some general odour-fighting tips.

Follow your nose to find where the pungent smell you’ve detected is coming from. Once you hone in on the stinky spot, treat it with hot soapy water and antibacterial cleaner.

After cleaning, mix equal parts water and white vinegar in a bowl, and retreat the area with this simple solution. This will disinfect the area. Note that any sensitive surfaces should not be treated with vinegar; marble and natural stone may be harmed by the acidity of this solution.

Finally, once you have finished your cleaning treatment, open up a window and allow the fresh air to circulate through the room. This should carry off any residual smell, and also manage the vinegar scent your cleaning left behind.

Snuff out the smell of smoke.

Smoke can be stubborn. The difficulty that you will have removing this smell will depend on the frequency of exposure, and also the surface you are trying to clean. Fabrics can soak up smoke smells and cling to them, but even hard surfaces can pick up this stink. You may need our smoke and fire damage remediation services.

For general freshening, sprinkle baking soda over your smoke-stained carpet and leave it there overnight. When you wake up in the morning, vacuum everything up.

Another year-round tip you can use to keep living spaces fresh is to fill a nylon stocking up with cat litter, and place it out of sight behind your couch or TV. This makeshift smoke-fighter will absorb smoke odours. Replace it once every couple of months, or more often if you smoke in the room daily.

Smoking can leave tar and nicotine stains on your walls or furniture, and heavy-duty cleaning might be necessary. To clean deodorize these surfaces, mix 1 gallon of warm water with 1 cup of ammonia, and stir to mix thoroughly. Wear protective gear and avoid exposure to the eyes or hands. Make sure to open a window so that the strong ammonia scent can escape. Lay down some old towel or linen to catch wayward drips. Use this solution to wash any surfaces requiring a heavy-duty clean.

Purge pet odours for good.

If you don’t know exactly where the stain originated, you may need to bust out a black light to pinpoint problem areas. If your nose can lead you there well enough, then you will first want to blot as much liquid as possible away using cloth or paper towel. Do not rub or scrub the stain at this point, as you will only spread and grind the stain in.

Next, apply a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and water. Allow this solution to sit in place for a few minutes because using more cloth or towels to soak up the liquid.

If any odour lingers, sprinkle the area with baking soda, and work it into the carpet. Allow this to sit for several hours, and then vacuum up the mess!

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