Steamatic’s 6-Step DIY Cleaning Process for Water Damaged Homes

Fortunately, not all water damage is equally bad. Sometimes your child may leave a window open during a rainstorm, or allow the tap to overflow the sink. In these more manageable instances, there are a number of easy measures that home owners can take to ensure a safe, efficient, and mold-free clean-up. Steamatic would like to share 6 simple steps to help you clean your home after mild water damage has occurred.


  1. Safety first. Before you start to clean, dry, or even reach to turn off the wayward tap that may have caused this damage in the first place, turn off all relevant power. Flip off the breakers, turn off any running water sources in the area, unplug any electronics, and remove these along with any movable furniture or rugs immediately.
  2. Drain the water away. You can get rid of water manually using buckets, towels, and mops to soak up the spills. Dispose of this water in your street’s sewer drain, or pour it onto your lawn or other permeable surface. Electronic options also exist. If you are careful and steer well clear of affected outlets, you can use a wet/dry vacuum to save yourself some water-collection effort.
  3. Dry the area. Once the water is drained, use fans, dehumidifiers, and air drafts from open windows to encourage air circulation and fast drying. Drying should be done as quickly as possible to minimize damage to drywall, baseboards, and to stop mold.
  4. Disinfect the area. This step eliminates mold and also protects against any bacteria that may have entered the area via rainfall or backed-up plumbing. Disinfect all areas including walls, wood, and non-upholstered furnitured with a strong solution or bleach mixture.
  5. Ward off mold growth. Consider mold-prevention products such as Concrobium, which is simply distilled water and inorganic salts used to fight the roots of mold spores. Dry out the area thoroughly and maintain air flow until you are sure that the job is done.
  6. Dispose of damaged items. Bringing damaged items back into your home could spread mold spores back into the area. Dispose of all exposed furniture and belongings responsibly.
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