Shrink Your Eco Footprint With Steamatic Cleaning Services

Many people are looking for ways to have to their cake and eat it too; that is, to pay-it-forward for the environment without having to give up some of the modern amenities and health necessities which we have grown accustomed to.

One area that should not be neglected is your home’s cleanliness and maintenance. To do so under the pretense that it will help the environment is completely flawed. Though it is certainly useful to ban all toxic chemical cleaners and aerosol sprays from your home, cutting out your cleaning efforts entirely can actually do more harm than good for our global energy and environmental crisis.

How does cleaning and maintaining my home help the environment?

  • Duct cleaning is the process of removing all debris, dust, and other contaminants from the air ducts in your home. This service has been marred by a number of scam-artists who have co-opted the industry as a means of entering your home for some aggressive up-selling. However, authentic cleaning services like Steamatic can help you lower your energy bills and contribute something positive to the environment. Clean ducts allow air from your HVAC system to pass through much easier, so that your home is heated and cooled much more efficiently. Contrast this to a home with dirty ducts, where the HVAC system is forced to work overtime to drive dirty air through cluttered duct work.    
  • Pavement and car park cleaning is often dismissed as a service meant for purely aesthetic purposes, but the reality may surprise you. Pavement and parking lots hold significant amounts of oil, metallic contaminants, and all manner of automotive run-off. If these solutions are left to soak into the pavement, they will cause all sorts of problems during a rainfall. Rain water can carry these harmful pollutants into sewer systems, rivers, and other bodies of water.
  • Fire damage restoration is vital for protecting the environment from further damages. This is especially true in places already ravaged by fire, since these ruined ecosystems will have large amounts of displaced animal life. After a fire, your home may be rife with toxins and contaminants. Often, firefighting efforts leave pools of contaminated water behind. If these are not properly cleaned up, then you risk allowing contaminated water to run into other fresh water source.
  • Water damage restoration is similar to fire damage restoration in the sense that it wards polluted water away from vulnerable water sources in the environment. Consider what kinds of contaminants accumulate in flood waters as shelves of chemical cleaners, rusty metal appliances, and medicine cabinets are submerged. Steamatic safely disposes of these contaminated water sources. This means that the environment stays pollutant-free, and you can avoid handling any dangerous water.
  • Though not a direct contributor to environmental protection, dry ice blasting is one of the most versatile green-cleaning techniques that you can enlist in your eco-friendly cleaning campaign. Ideal for residential, commercial, and industrial cleaning needs, dry ice cleaning involved directing a stream of dry ice crystals towards any area in need of a clean. This technique is effective for removing mold, paint, grease, and graffiti, and can be used on all manner of electronic and electrical equipment because the crystals vaporize almost instantly on contact. This method leaves zero chemical residue, giving you incredible cleansing power without any of the  environmental repercussions usually associated with an industrial-strength clean

Steamatic is a proud Canadian company that internalizes this country’s environmentally-conscious values. We offer a number of restoration and maintenance services that can help you clean up your home while you clean up the environment. Don’t settle for cheap, stinky, and caustic chemical cleaners that will put your family, pets, and possessions at risk

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