Protecting Your Home from Natural Disasters

In the case of a natural disaster occurring, you should take preventative strides in order to protect your home. By taking these preventative steps you can decrease the chance of property damage. By analyzing potential risk prior to a natural disaster striking, you can ensure your safety.

If possible, it is beneficial to elevate your home where there are flood prone areas. Another tip to protect your home from the harm of natural disasters is to elevate the fuse box and any other heating, or cooling systems. You should also install and monitor valves in sewer traps to deter water from building up in sewers. 


If you live in a flood zone and are made aware that flooding could happen in your area, move your belongings, appliances, and furniture to another location if you have time to. If you do not have time for this, move the valuable things in your home to higher ground. 


To protect your home in case of a fire, check and clean your roof, and keep your chimney clean. Clean your gutters on a regular basis. Keep propane stored at a safe distance away from the house. Also store firewood, picnic tables, and other wooden materials away from your home. When deciding to put a patio on your home, choose non-flammable materials such as concrete or stone. You should also ensure you have fire tools handy in the event that a fire did occur. This tools include a large ladder, bucket, and shovel. Having a water supply readily available in the case of a fire is also a key part of protecting your home from fire. 


When landscaping around the house you should also keep in mind to avoid installing any fire igniting materials. Using materials like gravel, concrete, and having a fuel free zone surrounding the house will prevent flames from moving and spreading. Rock walls are a smart landscaping choice, as well as isolated gardens framed by rocks or bricks. Rock ponds add a natural and attractive aspect to your yard while offering fire protection. Maintaining your lawn is also an easy way to prevent a fire from spreading if one were to occur. This includes keeping the lawn clean of pine needles, leaves, and cutting away dead limbs off trees. Focus on the landscape closest to your home and take the necessary steps to prevent the spread of fire.

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