Prolong the Life of Your Pavement

1. Sweep regularly

Sweepers form the front-lines of a proper pavement prolonging program, and are the most basic and low-cost strategy of damage prevention that you can invest your time in to. Having a maintenance person sweep or blow the area regularly keeps your pavement clear of any hazardous debris. Broken glass or loose aggregate may cause damage to the paved surface or to client’s vehicles. This type of regular manual maintenance also functions as a routine overview or evaluation of your property, exposing any damage masked by dirt or debris so that proper action can be taken.


2. Minimize heavy loads

It is important to make the effort to minimize the amount of time that heavy-duty vehicles like garbage or delivery trucks spend on your pavement. It is possible to be proactive about keeping these larger loads off of your paved areas without impacting the ebb and flow of your business. Try to intercept deliveries on the outskirts of your lot, where deterioration will reflect less on your business. You can also place your garbage container near the roadway so that collection trucks need not drive onto your pavement.


3. Control your drainage problems

Large amounts of standing water on your pavement should be taken as a serious warning sign. Though most associate potholes with trauma, they are mainly caused by water reaching the pavement’s subsurface base course. To prevent new potholes forming, consider installing inlet or under drains where needed. 


4. Fill cracks as soon as possible

Take the initiative take care of cracks as quickly as you can. Unfilled cracks result in accelerated water deterioration as they are blasted during rainstorms, and flooded during routine drainage processes. Crack fill can be purchased commercially and installed without the help of a contractor.


5. Invest in cleaning

Regardless of its structural condition, dirty and stained pavement is a poor reflection of your company. Professional cleanings are much more effective than manual cleaning efforts, employing mechanical brooms, ride-on sweepers, blast cleaning, and pressure washing services. 

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