Keep Homes Flood-Free During the Winter Thaw

 As good as a winter thaw sounds, this time is year is notorious for causing flood damage in the home. Snow and ice piles are stacked high, and when they start to thaw there will be a significant amount of displaced water moving in and around your home. Read on to learn some simple steps you can take around the inside and outside of your home to ensure you stay flood-free during the glorious winter thaw!


Outdoor upkeep for flood-free homes:

  • Take time to seal all openings that could be invaded by thawing snow. Cracks and openings in walls, floors, windows, and foundations should be treated. Seal all window wells too.
  • Clean out your eavestrough and downspouts to ensure proper drainage. As snow and ice melts off of your roof, your gutters will be put to work.
  • Ensure all downspouts are draining correctly. It is recommended that water is diverted from the home at a distance of two meters from the foundation walls.
  • Bolster the greenery bordering your home. Aside from adding curb appeal, these plants will drink up rainwater and melting snow to keep it from touching your home.
  • Clear debris from sewer grates and catch basins to keep water from pooling. Your home can’t thank you for this protection, but your neighbours certainly will!


Indoor upkeep for flood-free homes:

  • Make sure all plumbing pipes are in good condition. You may need to hire a licensed plumber for this job. Check all sump pumps and their power sources.
  • Install shelves in your basement if needed to keep valuable items off of the floor. If you have nowhere else to put your valuables than the basement floor, look into water-resistant containers.
  • Don’t pour cooking oils down the drain. This can cause blockage. Wipe the oil up with absorbent materials and toss it in your green bin.
  • Do not flush floss, condoms, tampons, Q-tips, or other non-biodegradable products down your toilet. Just because they are used in the bathroom does not mean they should be disposed there. Doing so will block the sanitary pipe and cause you all sorts of headaches.
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