Effects of Mould in Your Home

Many people are unaware that there are different types of mould that can affect your health in various ways The type of mould that grows on your walls or carpets is known as aspergillus or penicillium. Aspergillus is grey, brown, yellow, green, or black and grows rapidly. This type of mould can cause infections in those who have weakened immune systems. It can grow on walls or insulation. Penicillium is green, white or blue and has a fuzzy texture. This type of mould can grow on food, walls and insulation. If ingested this type of mould can upset the stomach. Airborne spores can cause coughing, eye irritation, and congestion.

Alternaria is dark green, grey or black in colour. It’s appearance is long hairs. It can grow on carpet, around windows, or in flooded basements. This type of mould can promote respiratory issues, asthma and hay fever. Stachybotrys is dark green or black in colour. This kind of mould looks slimy. It can grow on walls, ceilings and floorboards. This type of mould can cause cancer, headaches, asthma, dizziness and joint pain. Lastly, memnoniella is dark green or black in colour and appears smalled than stachybotrys. It can grow on cotton, wool, ceilings and walls. The health issues correlated with memnoniella include respiratory complications, headaches and coughing.

With various types of mould and numerous health risks associated with mould it is best to hire professionals to ensure your home and family are safe. Steamatic offers professional mould removal services to allow you and your family to get back to your normal lives. For a free quote call Steamatic today at 1-888-767-7616!

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