DIY Car Organization

The more time we spend in our cars the more likely it is to look like a disaster zone. Garbage may accumulate from take out cups, gas receipts, and empty water bottles. Shoes can get left behind, your back seat looks like a hamper, change ends up on the floor, and so on. If this is you, it’s time to organize.

Start by getting rid of all the garbage in your car. Don’t leave your take out cup in the car when you arrive to work. It takes little effort to remember to throw it out and make room for the coffee you will most likely pick up the following morning. This will prevent you from accumulating a collection of cups on the floor.

Now you need to eliminate all of the access junk you’ve collected. This means soccer cleats, clothing, heels, gym socks, and hats. Take a big bag out to the car and gather all of these things to be taken inside and organized properly.

Next organize all of the change and place it into a small cup or gum container that fits neatly into your cup holder. This keeps change contained and organized!

Vacuum out your car to eliminate all dirt and crumbs. Use auto interior wipes to clean the side panels, console, and inside the cup holders.

Keep the essentials in the car! This includes a small pack of kleenex that can be stored in the centre console, hand sanitizer, chap stick, phone charger, GPS, and whatever other items you consider to be must haves. Keep your survival kit in the back seat. If you have children their colouring books and crayons can slip in the pocket behind the drive and passenger seats.

Try these easy organization tips to keep your car clean and organized!

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