Celebrate with Steamatic: 7 Fireworks Safety Tips

The best advice you’ll receive – leave it to the professionals!

To eliminate your risk of fire or burn injury, Steamatic recommends avoiding informal family fireworks displays. Not only are these displays usually underwhelming, but they can be extremely dangerous in the hands of amateurs. Instead, why not attend public fireworks displays, with arsenals bolstered by municipal budgets, and firing sequences arranged by professionals? The display will be much better, and infinitely safer!

Fireworks safety tips for informal displays:

If you must host your own fireworks launch, at least follow these fundamental safety tips:

  • Appoint a designated launch leader. Only adults who are experienced with fireworks, or at least aware of the hazards and required safety precautions, should be anywhere near your fireworks display.
  • Follow all instructions, as the explosive charge, lighting process, and fuse time will varty between manufacturers.
  • Keep a water source nearby at all costs. A hose is recommended, but a large pail of water will suffice.
  • Discharge all fireworks only when pointed away from combustible materials, buildings, or trees.
  • Light only one firework at a time, and only when they are on the ground; this means that you should never light a firework held in your hand.
  • In the case of dud fireworks, leave them for a full 30 minutes to ensure their inactivity, and then soak them in a bucket of water as a precaution.
  • Be mindful of wind conditions when discharging fireworks, as blow-back is a common cause of house fires.   
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