Carpets & Water Damage – FAQ

Read answers to the most frequently asked questions about water damage to carpets and why you should hire a reputable company!

As a homeowner, why should I take water damage to my carpet seriously?

When there is too much moisture in your home, it can cause problems with organic materials in the home which includes textiles found in upholstery and flooring. If your home has a roof or plumbing leak, older appliances or foundation issues, it is common for excess moisture to be a problem..

Your home’s textiles will becoming a breeding ground for various types of pathogens if a pipe bursts, an appliance breaks open or water seeps in after a storm, or flood. Common invaders include bacteria, viruses, parasites and mold. These can appear when too much moisture is present.

Pathogens such as E.coli, cholera, hepatitis can cause serious health complications, this risk is particularly serious in homes with children and/or pets who spend lots of time close to the floor.

If my carpet has been damaged, do I have to throw it away?

Luckily, Steamatic has mastered the art of restoration in water-damaged items. We can salvage even the most damaged carpets! Don’t assume that your carpet is no longer usable. See if a Steamatic representative can aid you in the road to restoration.

Can I restore a water damaged carpet on my own?

Without the use of professional (and expensive!) tools and machinery used by water restoration companies such as Steamatic, it would be near impossible to restore a water damaged carpet by yourself. Steamatic uses sophisticated and complicated systems and tools to ensure that your carpet is free of damage, mold, and bacteria before it goes back into your possession. Anything less could result in more issues than solutions!

Why should I hire a professional to handle water damage remediation for my carpet?

Whatever the cause of your water damage, our technicians know that a fast response time is critical, and have the proper equipment and methodology is essential for restoring your carpet to a healthy state.

Restoration work requires powerful industrial air movers and dehumidifiers to remove large quantities of moisture. Any textiles that have been soaked with contaminated water will need complete removal.

Timeliness and thorough treatment are essential for eliminating any effects of excess moisture. You need to hire a reliable, trustworthy company to ensure your home’s health and safety.

Why is certification important?

Being certified requires undergoing a detailed education process which teaches our technicians the best methods and equipment to use during the restoration process. Without the certification, a technician may not be as well informed and are likely to miss pathogens during inspection, misidentify the source of water, leave behind too much moisture or not use the proper solutions during the treatment process. Without the certification, more harm than good may be done to your flooring.

Why should I use Steamatic for restoration services for my carpet?

While other companies that deliver sub par results charge high, pricy numbers for restoration, Steamatic tries to be different. Our competitive pricing does not come with a lack of skill, training, and experience. We have many methods of restoration for not only carpets, but also all other household items. Your important documents, for example, can be restored with our freeze drying method. We offer a variety of options and services for all restoration needs.

See how Steamatic Canada is changing lives

I wanted to let you know what an excellent customer service experience that I had with Ivan Cartagena and his workers. Ivan was extremely professional, communicative and helpful during the whole process (we had flooding in our basement and Steamatic was the company appointed by my insurance company to complete the necessary work). The onsite workers were polite, professional and worked very cleanly and responsibly (our home was always respected and left clean after each time they were onsite). I would not hesitate to recommend Steamatic based on the experience I had.

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