6 Winter Fireplace Safety Tips

 Fire damage can change your life in an instant, and while Steamatic’s smoke and fire restoration services are top of the line, the best thing you can do is prevent the fire starting in the first place. Read on for some basic fireplace safety tips to keep your family as safe as they are warm this winter.  

  •  Avoid removing embers and ash from your fireplace. When mishandled, these often are the cause of house fires. If they must be removed, place them in a metal container with water, and do not dispose of them casually anywhere indoors or near you home.
  • Exercise caution with fire salts. These create colourful flames when applied to wood fires, but can be problematic when used in excess. Also keep your young children away from these, as they are poisonous when consumed.
  • Do not throw your holiday wrapping waste in the fire. These often have highly flammable chemical colours and textures, and flash-fires can occur as a result of their sudden and intense combustion.
  • Always use a fireplace screen to guard against any flying sparks or embers that could ignite your carpet, furniture, or other indoor flammables.
  • Never use gasoline to start your fire. These flammable liquids are often mishandled and a single mistake can set your home aflame.
  • Never leave your fireplace unattended, or allow it to continue smouldering. Douse your fireplace with water to ensure that all embers have been put out before going to bed for the night.


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