3 Furniture Handling Tips to Protect Your Vinyl Floors

Unfortunately, there is little that can be done for badly scratched floors aside from replacing tiles or covering them up with area rugs and furniture pieces. Our Steamatic team would like to offer homeowners 3 helpful furniture handling tips to keep your vinyl floors safe to avoid these damages. 

  • Outfit your furniture pieces and heavy-duty appliances with protective foot covers. The most common kinds of damages Steamatic professionals see done to vinyl floors are dents caused by heavy furnishings and appliances. Tables, refrigerators, and water coolers can all grind into your vinyl and leave unsightly dents. To prevent this, outfit your furnishings with protective “feet.” They are available at most hardware and home-improvement stores for cheap, and can save you costly repairs.
  • Refrain from using rolling casters. Rolling casters may be convenient for quick layout adjustments, but they concentrate all of the weight of the appliance in question into narrow wheels that dig into your vinyl flooring. Instead, try fitting your furnishings with felt bottoms. These will let you make minor adjustments without scratching up the floor’s surface.
  • Move carefully. When it is time to replace an appliance, or pack it up for a move elsewhere, many homeowners make the mistake of dragging the unit across their vinyl flooring to get it where it needs to be. While this may save your back the demand of lifting, pushing your appliances will gouge lines into your floors. If you need to push things out of the area for a move or replacement, lay down pieces of plywood to make a safe path.
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