Why HVAC Cleaning is Important


Why HVAC Cleaning is Important

In the average sized home, around 40 pounds of dust are created every year through regular everyday living. Most of the dust remains suspended in the air, while some of it settles on your furniture, floors and objects throughout your home. The dust in the air is circulated through a filter in your HVAC system, and the same air is re-circulated few times daily. Over time contaminants are built up in the ducts that can include dander, allergens, skin, dust, smoke, pollen, mold, chemicals, mildew, and bacteria. Even with the filter the system still gets dirty.

When these contaminants build up in your air ducts they can begin to have negative effects on your health because they are constantly recycling the contaminants through the air. The performance of your HVAC system is also at risk of becoming much less efficient, and can also increase the cost of running your HVAC.

Steamatic has an intense three-step HVAC cleaning process that removes over 80% of mould, mildew and other bacterias as well as works to prevent any further growth in the future. This plan begins by loosening the contaminants from the ducts, killing them and then effectively removing them.

Often overlooked by other companies, the heating and cooling coils need to be cleaned as well. Bacteria can collect around these coils making them a potential threat.

When these contaminants accumulate in your HVAC ducts and vents it reduces the quality of the system, making it work less efficiently and effectively. This results in higher heating and air conditioning bills all year round.

Steamatic can help reduce your carbon footprint with their cleaning and maintenance techniques that assist in using low levels of energy to cool and heat your home, this will also result in less expensive utility bills.

Be confident knowing that Steamatic will not perform an HVAC cleaning process before checking to make sure if you are in need of their services or not. 

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