How Would Your Home Stand Up To Natural Disaster?


How Would Your Home Stand Up To Natural Disaster?

Calling for reinforcement

If your home endures an earthquake or hurricane, structural damage is likely to occur. You can minimize any structural damages by reinforcing the foundation, as well as the floors, walls, and roof. By reinforcing your home, you improve its capacity to withstand the intense lateral and vertical forces generate by hurricane gales and earthquakes. This project can be pursued independently, or be handed over to professional structural engineers and contractors.


Evaluate your soil

It may surprise some to learn that the conditions of your soil can drastically affect your home or office building’s resilience to natural disaster. The worst types of soil are compromised of deep, loose sand, clays, and saturated granular soil. These types of loose and water-saturated soils amplify earthquake forces, which can essentially liquify the earth to create a quick-sand effect that can ruin your home’s foundation.

The best type of soil is stiff and densely-packed, with unbroken bedrock being ideal. These types of soil allow for very little vibration, meaning that the earthquake’s force does not transfer into your home.


Minimize on-site hazards

A number of common city features become serious hazards in the event of a natural disaster. Old leaning trees, electrical wires, and power lines are all cause for concern during earthquakes or hurricane gales. Water features, such as faults, dykes, and water towers, all have the potential to harm your home as well. If you live in a disaster-prone area and are surrounded by these hazardous features, you may want to consider relocating. 

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