Graffiti Vandalism


Graffiti Vandalism

To someone who has been the victim of vandalism, when a mark like a graffiti tag is left on your property it can negatively affect the perception about the community as well as affect the value of the property. When vandals leave their mark and no one takes the actions on removing it, it supports a perception about the community saying that laws can be ignored.

Your house is your biggest asset and one that will be there for a long time, which is why people take pride in the way their house looks. If your house has been vandalized it can be quite unexpected leaving you feeling slightly traumatic.

Besides walls, there are specific places that vandals target frequently; fences and garage doors. These areas are not usually in the homeowners direct line of sight, they are easily accessible and visible to the public.

In order to remove the graffiti, you can try to paint over it, but if it is on a white surface there is a good chance it will show through. The most effective way to remove graffiti is by pressure washing- but if you don’t have experience with a pressure washer, leave it to professionals.

Steamatic is experienced in multiple graffiti removal techniques including pressure washing and dry ice blasting. Pressure washing uses water, or water mixed with solvent to remove the graffiti. It is an extremely effective technique and eliminates the need for excessive scrubbing. Depending on the type of surface that the graffiti is on, pressure washing can wear away or damage the surface being treated.

As an alternative to pressure washing, Steamatic also uses a dry ice blasting technique. This method of removal lifts the dirt and paint off of surfaces without damaging the surface itself. Dry ice is a solid form of carbon dioxide and involves blasting these crystals where the damage is. The crystals vaporize almost instantly, so there is less of a clean up after. This method is the option for use on delicate areas and older buildings that should be cleaned gently.

With experience in removing from a myriad of surfaces such as s;idewalks, pavements, roads, driveways and tarmac and off of substances such as; metal, wood, glass, brick, plastic and masonry, Steamatic technicians can help restore your property back to its original appearance.

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