Top 3 Carpet-Staining Culprits to Handle with Care

 As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Steamatic would like to present to your their hit-list of carpet-staining culprits to help protect you from the worst kinds of stains, and also provide readers with some handy spot-treatments to minimize long-term damage.


Red wine – heart-healthy until you spill it.

All of red wine’s cardiac health benefits disappear when a deep-seated spill starts to stress you out. When you spill red wine, you need to act fast.

For synthetic carpets, mix a bleach-free detergent with water, and blot this solution into the stain using white cloth or paper towel. Let this sit for 15 minutes, then blot again with a water and white vinegar solution. Do a final rinse using luke-warm water.

For natural fiber carpets, spray a cleaning solution into the stain and then dab with white cltoh or paper towel.

Coffee – a pick-me-up you need to set down with extreme caution.

Handle your cup of joe with caution. Coffee produces a deep, dark stain that demands speedy action. Follow the same steps outlined for red wine and you should be able to minimize damages. Steamatic recommends drinking your coffee in the kitchen when possible!

Gum – chew for flavour, drop for labour!

Gum is a sticky, awful mess when it adheres to carpet fibers. When left where it fell, gum gets ground into the carpet, collecting dirt and eventually hardening into a resilient crust. Pick up your fallen gum immediately to save yourself the hassle. If there is some left-over caught in your carpet, hold an ice cube to the gum until it freezes, then hit with a spoon or hammer to crack into pieces that can be easily cleaned. A quick once-over with your vacuum will take care of any stragglers.


If your home clean-up efforts have left you with a less than perfect result, Steamatic can help! You can learn more about our hot water carpet cleaning service here.   

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