Time Saving Bedroom Cleaning Tips

You live a busy and hectic life, with so much on the go it can be hard to find time to keep your house clean, and this can leave you in a state of defeat. You may not have a few hours to dedicate to cleaning your home and this is normal.

Your bedroom is your oasis. It’s where we sleep, get ready in the morning, and unwind at night. Therefore, this room sees an immense amount of traffic. In order to stay organized it’s important to keep your room tidy. Clothes buried in hampers, hangers on the floor, a collection of glasses and mugs, and a messy bed promotes disorganization. Somehow, a vast majority of people can still somewhat function in these rumpled rooms, yet, maintaining an organized space will keep your life in order.


Make an effort to not simply drop clothes or towels on the floor, and do not allow your hamper to be overflowing by the time you carry it to the laundry room. Reduce the amount of clutter in your room, and get rid of things you do not need. Change your closet according to season to prevent overflow.


Keep lysol or clorox disinfecting wipes to clean your door knobs, light switches, and en-suite counter and sink. Pledge is a quick and easy dusting product you can use on your night stand, television stand, and dresser. Do a quick wipe down to get rid of dust. Keep a dust buster or small broom in your closet to quickly sweep up any dirt or dust that may accumulate on the floor.


Everyday you should make the bed. This quick and easy task will make your room look neater. You should also fold and hang clothing everyday. This will prevent piles of clean clothes from building up on the floor. Put away your jewelry when you take it off rather than letting it collect dust on your dresser.


Every week you should empty the trash can in your room, change the sheets, and organize your night table. This means getting rid of old cups of water, recycling old magazines, and so forth.


This simple and easy habits can help you to keep your room organized and tidy. By keeping the tools and products you need in proximity, you are more likely to do the small cleaning tasks in your room that are often neglected.


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