Steamatic’s 4-Step Coffee Stain Removal Strategy

Coffee stains are incredibly frustrating and stubborn; everyone seems to have one or two lurking around in their household. Have no fear! Steamatic has rounded up a great list of coffee stain removal tricks to help you restore your damaged goods.


First, you critically need to absorb that coffee stain, assuming it is still fresh. Simply grab some paper towels or an absorbent dish rag and pat the area. Try to remove as much moisture as possible. Continue this method until there is absolutely no more transfer of moisture on to the paper towel.


Now you will need to blot up the moisture. Run some clean and cold water on the stain. Blot up as much of the stain as you can. Continue running water over the stain and blotting it up. Do not completely soak the stain as this will cause it to sink in and make it much more difficult to remove. This method should lighten up the stain, but not remove it.

Cleaning Solutions

Now we incorporate some easy cleaning solutions to further rid you of the coffee stain.    

  • Fill a bowl with lukewarm water and add 1/4 cup lemon juice, and just the tiniest bit of dish     detergent. Stir lightly.    
  • Apply to a clean house sponge and squeeze out access moisture.     
  • Gentle rub the stain, starting from the outwards going in.
  • Continue until you see the stain improved, or completely gone!


Your stain may be gone, but you’re not done yet! Now you must dab the area and remove access moisture. Leave a paper towel on the area and press with your body weight to fully remove as much water as you can. Continue until completely dry. If a stain still remains, you may need to repeat the cleaning process for best results.  

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