Stainless Steel Cleaning

Stainless steel appliances used to be for commercial and industrial kitchens, but have been gaining popularity in the home over the recent years. They look modern and sleek, but if you own anything that is stainless steel, you probably noticed it is rarely ever stain-less.

You’ve probably noticed that you are constantly wiping down the surfaces from fingerprints that seem to never disappear, and it can at times become frustrating as it never looks as clean as it originally did. Fighting the stainless steel fight however, does not need to be a losing battle.


For general cleaning;

Use a lint-free cloth with warm water. Wring it out, and wipe down the appliances. Dry with a dry lint-free cloth. Another option is using vinegar instead of water, but do not dampen the cloth, just apply vinegar as needed.


Cleaning fingerprints;

You can use the vinegar method as mentioned above. You can also use a liquid detergent such as Dawn. Mix a few drops with warm water in a bowl, wet your cloth, wring it out and wipe away the fingerprints. Clean with water and wipe dry. Using a natural glass and surface cleaner is another option to clean the fingerprints off your appliances.


* When cleaning stainless steel, wipe in the direction of the grain and don’t use anything abrasive as it

can scratch the appliance.


Once you have cleaned your stainless steel, and you want that nice shine back, polish it. Use mineral oil on a lint-free cloth and buff the steel. Remember that it is oil, and spreads easily. You only need a thin layer to make the steel shine.


There are also stainless steel wipes you can use that clean and polish the surface, ready to use and are great for little touch ups as well as spot cleaning.

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