Removing the Hidden Contaminants In Your Drapery

Window treatments and drapery add beauty to your home, but similar to your carpet and furniture, your drapes attract dirt, obtain stains and they even hang on to odors.

When cleaning your drapery it is important to determine what type of fabric it is before you start cleaning. Cleaning your drapery the same way you would your laundry will shrink it, leaving you with two other options – have it dry cleaned, or clean by hand.

If you decide to hand wash your curtains the best thing to do is wash them in cold water, avoid putting them in the washer and be sure to hang dry them when you are done.

How do I hand clean my drapery?

If your fabric indicates “dry clean only” but you would like to clean it at home, you can follow these 4 simple steps. If you do not achieve the level of cleanliness you desire call the nearest professional.

  1. Check the fabric of your drapes
  2. Remove all hooks and lay drapes flat
  3. Gently hand wash them in cold water (to avoid shrinking)
  4. Hang dry your drapes (avoid putting them in the drier)

How often should I clean my drapes?

There are different time spans for cleaning the drapes depending on what facility you are cleaning. Typically; homes, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, banquet homes and nursing homes are required to clean their drapery at least once a year.

It is more likely that for facilities such as; universities, funeral homes, retirement homes, and resorts that they have their drapery cleaned every three years. Theatres and school drapery usually lasts longer and experts recommend that it is cleaned every five years.

Why clean the drapes?

Drapes, curtains and blinds all have one thing in common they are filters for absorbing airborne pollutants, dust, and other contaminants that travel through the air. Even drapes that are not visibly dirty require cleaning to prolong their lifespan. Drapery cleaning removes dust and allergens and can have an immediate impact on improving air quality significantly.

Cleaning your drapes rejuvenates the look of your home and is guaranteed to ensure better health of the people in your household.  

If you have tried to wash your drapes and you need them professionally cleaned don’t hesitate to contact Steamatic professionals to have your drapes smelling, and looking clean again in no time!

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