Make the Most of Your Vacuuming

Well, it's vacuuming day again. The day you haul out that clean-machine and go to work, sucking up dirt and dust all over your home. It is likely that you are dreading it, but it is proven that often times, you end up making more work for yourself than necessary, whether it is in the technique you use to vacuum or the left over dirt that builds up for next time that you somehow missed.

Here we have compiled a list of things you can do to ensure you are getting the most out of your vacuum.

  • Before you start to vacuum consider doing your dusting first. Beat out small rugs, shake your drapery, wipe your furniture, and clean dust off shelves and higher surfaces. Then wait a few minutes before proceeding to vacuum in order for the dust to settle on the ground and be vacuumed with the dirt on the floor. Do this frequently as well, not just on vacuum days. In the end this will cut your work load as you will be keeping on top of the existing dust.
  • When you fire up the power and start pushing that vacuum across the carpet, make sure you double or triple your strokes. This may sound like an extra amount of work, but really, if you are not going over your strokes you are missing a high amount of dirt and dust that will continue to build in your carpets until next time you vacuum.
  • Use the correct attachments to get the most benefit from your clean-routine. Each surface in your home has a different attachment that will have the most impact on that type of flooring. For example, often times a brush tool is used on higher surfaces and hard flooring. When it comes to hard flooring, sweep larger messes first and use a broom to bring out dust from hard to reach corners, this will make it easier to vacuum.
  • Do not make your vacuuming a rush job, going over parts of your carpet slowly allows your vacuum to pick up more dirt and dust. Pull back on the vacuum slowly as this makes the brush penetrate deeper into the fibers of the carpet. Continue slowly pushing and pulling, as well as arranging your strokes to go from vertical to horizontal. Cross over each stroked to ensure a maximum dust collection.
  • Empty the bag or canister frequently. As long as it is often, empty it whenever you feel is right. Possibly halfway through your vacuuming, pop the dust out to be positive you’re getting maximum suction and you will never have to worry about it filling too quickly.
  • Finally, make sure you have fun. The only way to get the most out of something is to make the most out of it. Enjoy yourself. Listen to music, dance, and have a good time. This will help to put to rest feelings of dread about your vacuuming.
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Just a short note to say thank you for your good work at my favorite place in the world. It was much appreciated. Your staff were courteous and helpful at every turn. I have passed my remarks to the insurance company. Being out of my house for 3 months was very frustrating for me at the time and being 85 years old we seniors are not as flexible as we once were. Thanks to all involved.

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