Let There Be Light: Light and Diffuser Cleaning Perks and Tips

The lighting industry has recognized this consumer neglect and tried to adapt to it. Traditionally this has meant that lighting manufacturers will overdesign their lighting equipment to endure built up dust, grime, and other contaminants. Though this has helped home and business owners keep the lights on despite their lack of cleaning maintenance, it ultimately costs them more money. Running bigger, overdesigned lights requires more energy, but downsizing is not an option if proper cleaning habits are not maintained.

Cleaning lighting and diffusers saves big money.

A Penn State University study of New York businesses’ energy usage concluded that the unnecessary energy expenditure of poorly maintained lights was incredibly high. This study estimated that clean and well-maintained lighting would save these companies more money each year than they spent on maintenance costs. In other words, investing in a Steamatic light and diffuser cleaning puts money in your pocket.

Another way that you will end up saving money is by reducing the amount you spend each year on replacement lighting. Dirt and dust accumulating around wires and other components are some of the more common causes of faulty lighting, and Steamatic stops these contaminants dead in their tracks. Keep your lights running better and longer for less!

Cleaning lighting and diffusers boosts workplace productivity.

Poorly-lit businesses, home offices, and kitchens all suffer from sluggish productivity levels that could all be boosted with a small investment in Steamatic’s professional cleaning service. Many people respond best to a clean, brightly-lit workspace, and if you are working in a kitchen, workshop, or other manual labour setting, you will need to maximize visibility to protect your workers. Shadows, glare, and uneven lighting forces your workers to slow down in these environments to avoid cuts, slips, and other mistakes. This means that not only will a professional Steamatic light and diffuser cleaning put money in your pocket with concrete energy savings, but it lets you make the most of your time, allowing you to make more sales, get more done, and spend less time fixing mistakes.

Easy cleaning tips to enhance your maintenance routine.

If you think the financial, safety, and productivity perks of cleaning lights and diffusers are worth it, then you are probably looking for some simple maintenance strategies. When you first decide to tackle your dirty lighting after a long period of neglect, the best advice that you will hear is to contact Steamatic light and diffuser cleaning experts. While we will be sharing some easy maintenance tips to add to your routine below, these will likely be insufficient for the first big clean. Years of dust and grime take some serious effort to clean, and these jobs are best left to the professionals. Once the first big clean is out of the way, you can follow these simple maintenance tips yourself:

  • Wipe down all reflecting surfaces and lenses whenever you are changing CFL tubes or any other light bulb. If you are in an area where smoke is generated by equipment, cooking, or cigarettes, you will need to clean these surfaces more often.
  • Wear white cotton gloves to avoid marking parabolic fixtures and specular surfaces with fingerprints during handling.
  • Use a soft cotton cloth and ensure that you are constantly changing your wiping surface. Never wipe with the dirty part of the cloth.
  • Removal bulbs when possible before wiping, as excess force can cause dangerous breaks.
  • Be mindful of any areas where static electricity may be a problem. Turn off all electrical sources in these cases, and consider applying anti-static solutions to your cleaning cloth.

Cleaning and maintaining your lighting and diffusers is important whether you are at home or at work. Business owners should seriously consider outsourcing their light and diffuser cleaning duties to Steamatic; we are an affordable, experienced, and industry-leading company that can free up your maintenance staff for other important duties, and have your lights working again like new!

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