Increase Employee Productivity and Health by Purging Mold from the Office

  Employers are slowly becoming aware of the health and productivity boosts that mold and mildew remediation and duct cleaning services can offer their businesses. With less sick days being taken, and less time spent sneezing or stressing about air quality, employees get more done in a given week.

If you work in an office where your employer has neglected duct cleaning or mold remediation services, try following these simple DIY tips to improve your indoor air quality.

  • Inspect the office for moisture leakage. If you find any, you should clean them up with a towel immediately to stop mold growth. Alternatively, bring these spots to the attention of your employer to support your case for a Steamatic mold remediation service.
  • Consider bringing a dehumidifier into work, or to request one as a cost compromise from your employer.
  • Open a window, and as many doors as possible in your office. Mold loves stagnant, warm air; proper ventilation will reduce the growth of toxic mold, and improve indoor air quality.
  • Check closets for mold growth. These are common areas for mold problems since wet coats and shoes are stored in these confined spaces during the winter or stormy season. Never remove mold on your own, as you will mobilize active spores into the air. Instead, bring it to your employer’s attention, and schedule your mold remediation treatment immediately.   
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