How to Deal With Water Damage After a Flood

A flood in your home can have devastating effects. When water levels rise, there is not much that can be done until after the fact. Flooding can be due to almost any source such as a storm that produced too much rain, improper drainage, faulty hoses or pipes, and many more.

Either way, the outcome is generally the same. You got lucky and escaped with just a mess of water to clean up, or you have lost majority of your life to an indoor pool you did not ask for. Possessions can be lost and damaged, such a precious photos and documents.

Even when the water itself is gone, the damage remains in things like lingering odours and risk of mould and mildew growing in the left over moisture. This can cause health hazards to you and your family. Electric wiring can be compromised in the flooding and pose potential dangers of electrocution and fire. The surfaces in your home can also be severely damaged, along with the structures such as walls and flooring.

Steamatic will help you to rid your home of these unfortunate after-effects of water damage.

They typically use a process based on how severe the damages are, and can also handle restoration of your more personal items, such as photos, after the initial flooding.

After contacting your insurance company, look for a water damage restoration company; like Steamatic!

There are many ways to identify the right company for your needs and wants. Begin by performing a search. Look up the restoration companies in your area and look into their services and procedures.

Be sure to read reviews on the service to determine how well they can meet your needs. Keep in mind that good restoration will not be cheap, but if you want it done correctly you must opt for your best options.

A bad restoration can end up causing more damage in your home than there was to begin with, by leaving and trace of water, toxins can be easily deposited in the air you breathe. “Black water” can find it’s way into your home, this is basically raw sewage that cannot be left untreated. Look for highly trained technicians that will get the job done, and do it well. They will also advise you on how to take further actions on your own such as ventilating your home.

Dealing with water damage is no easy task, especially when the flood causes emotional distress as well as physical destruction. But that is why there are water damage restoration companies like Steamatic. Even if you have not experienced a flood, keep us in mind in case of the event you require our services in the future.

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Judy and I were very impressed by Donna and Dave and the other staff at Steamatic and with the subcontractors they arranged to do the work. Everything was done professionally to quality standards and with minimum disruption. The repairs are now all complete. Overall, Judy and I appreciate the prompt and trouble-free way in which the claim has been handled and are very satisfied with the resulting repairs. Thank you for your consideration in helping us get through a stressful situation. Best Regards,

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