House Fire Aftermath: Cleanup Tips

Fire damage is one of the worst types of damage to deal with, as it often destroys thousands of dollars worth of valuable items and it can leave you emotionally and financially impacted. Depending on severity fire and smoke damage can be extremely difficult and time consuming to deal with.

Fires can be extremely devastating and detrimental to your home or business. After the fire is put out your property will likely suffer from not only fire and smoke damage, but also water damage and flooding from putting the fire out. When dealing with fire damage, it can help to know some basic tips to follow afterwards.

After fire damage occurs to any of your properties your primary focus should be;

  • Avoid movement in the home to avoid further damages to furniture and upholstery.
  • Empty fridges, freezers – make sure the electricity is off
  • Change your HVAC filter
  • Tape over air filters to avoid spreading dust and other contaminants
  • Call professionals to help and ensure your home is safe again

What to avoid doing after a fire occurs:  

  • Do not wash any walls or other surfaces without professional help
  • Avoid attempting to clean up any electrical appliances
  • Do not turn on any air or ceiling fixtures

How can professionals help get my home and life back to normal?

  1. Emergency contact
  2. Inspection and fire damage assessment
  3. Immediate board-up service
  4. Water removal and drying
  5. Smoke and soot removal
  6. Cleaning and sanitizing
  7. Restoration of home, business, and areas or rooms

Every fire damage is different, and requires special action to revive your home or business but the general process typically stays the same.

The emergency service you called for help to extinguish the flames in your home may have created further damage to your property. If damages from a fire are not dealt with right away it is very possible that further problems will occur.

For the best way to deal with fire restoration, call a professional restoration company, as they have the proper tools, expertise, and experience necessary to handle any job.

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