Freshening up Your Basement

In order to de-clutter your basement, arrange three bins. Label the bins with “keep, donate, and trash.” This way you can easily go through the items your children may have outgrown, get rid of old clothes, and donate furniture that is no longer being used. Take the “donate” and “trash” bins upstairs. Load your donate bin in the car so you can drop it off next time you head out.

Next you will need to organize your basement into areas. For instance, all the seasonal decor and clothing should be together, books and toys should be combined, and sporting goods in another area. Label all bins so you can easily find an item when you or a family member are looking for it. A shelving unit can be beneficial so you are able to stack bins. Ensure your child’s items are lower to the ground so they can reach them safely.

Once your items are organized accordingly you can clean! If you have carpet floors you can vacuum, if you have hardwood floors you can mop. Dust any shelves, window sills, and other furniture that may be in the basement. Once all of the above is completed you can enjoy a clean and organized basement!

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