Fire Damage

There are simple steps to reduce a fire from breaking out in your house with number one being; have fire alarms installed on each floor in your house and make sure they are tested at least every month. Since you cannot see, smell or carbon monoxide it is important to have the detectors to warn you of danger.


Have a fire extinguisher and an escape plan in-case a fire does break out while you are at home.


  • Do not smoke inside the house especially in bed
  • Ensure you are not leaving the stove on after you finish using it
  • Keep flammable objects away from any source of heat
  • Have your chimney inspected yearly & roof clear of debris
  • Try not to plug too many things into one outlet


After a fire, Open all the windows to ventilate the house, take photos of damaged areas and make a list of items that have been damaged. Do not try to clean up yourself, as you can cause more damage to your home. Call a professional company like Steamatic to assist you with fire damage restoration.

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