DIY Duct Cleaning Deficiencies: Why Choose Steamatic Services?

 Likewise, the general wealth of online DIY information has inspired many home owners to tackle jobs they have no experience with. With the importance of duct cleaning for HVAC savings and indoor air quality being bandied around, fiercely independent home owners have begun to try their hand at DIY duct cleaning.


Steamatic professional air duct cleaning is a sought-after service for a reason. Home owners lack the skills, tools, and experience to get a worthwhile clean. While it may seem like a money-saving endeavor, by the time you factor in the time wasted and cost of cleaning materials you will realize that a professional clean would have been a much better option. This is especially true when you consider the quality of work.


Home owners lack the necessary tools and experience to get the job done right.


A brief evaluation of DIY duct cleaning articles suggests that home owners gather a brush to apply a mastic, and a screwdriver for their home duct cleaning attempt. These required tools should be the first indication of the low-quality clean a DIY attempt will get you. Consider the intricate duct network and sophisticated HVAC system, and ask yourself how thorough of a clean will you really get with a brush and screwdriver? At best, you will be able to clean the very ends of your ducts and change the air filter.

By contrast, Steamatic comes equipped with specialty tools like portable power vacuums, portable air compressors, video inspection systems, and a whole arsenal of duct cleaning accessories. We use an EPA-approved sanitizing liquid to clean every inch of your HVAC system from ducts to HVAC coils.


If you have visible build-up at the ends of your ducts, then cleaning these is the least of your problems. Visible build-up indicates a bigger problem, and a more thorough cleaning is required. In the same way that brushing your teeth does nothing for a lung infection, your DIY attempt will offer little health or money-saving benefits.  

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