Commercial and Residential Carpet Cleaning

Most carpet cleaning service providers that claim to offer professional cleaning services only use soap and water for the removal of debris, dirt and other contaminants. This method of cleaning might give you the impression of a clean looking carpet for a few days, but day by day you will come to find that your carpets are emitting an unpleasant smell and that the stains that were seemingly removed as creeping back into sight. This occurs because your carpets if you carpets are not dried correctly, even with the slightly moisture still present, the core of your carpet’s fibers will emit a mildew odor while the soap used will leave a greasy remnants on the surface, attracting even more dirty, causing it to get dirty again very quickly.

Steamatic’s extensive research and technology has allowed for us to utilize more efficient and more effective methods of cleaning carpets, leaving your carpets with no soapy residue or a bad odor. By using very hot water combined with our specially developed emulsifying agent, we’re able to break down and liquify all the dirt and contaminants in your carpets. Our cleansing solution will get deep down into the fibers of your carpet and pulled by out by using our cleansing vacuums, making sure that your carpet is almost entirely dry and spotlessly clean down to it’s fibers.


The use of extremely hot water is very helpful for the following reasons:

  • dissolves dirt quickly and effectively
  • breaks down bacteria and a number of other contaminant very easily
  • assist in the lifting of stains
  • by using very hot water, you only need a minimum amount of water for cleaning purposes
  • by heating up the fibers of the carpet, your carpet will dry much faster once the water is removed
  • the possibility of water damage to your carpet
  • zero stain outlines
  • absolutely no chemical, mildew or other odor after clean up

Steamatic offers hot water carpet cleaning services to hotels, residential homes as well as corporate and commercial carpet cleaning needs. In order to protect your hardwood and any other hard floor surfaces, we strongly advise allowing us to take your area rugs for cleaning at our warehouse facility and then return them to you for proper placement.

We strongly suggest preforming regular vacuuming on your carpet as well as cleaning your carpet twice a year in order to reduce the amount of pollutants and debris that are contained within your carpet fibers. Maintaining your carpets will greatly extend the life of your rugs and/or carpet. With Steamatic’s cleaning methods, your carpet will not prematurely age nor will it cause wear and tear and you’ll find that the overall look, feel and scent of your carpet/rug will remain in excellent condition time after time. 

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Judy and I were very impressed by Donna and Dave and the other staff at Steamatic and with the subcontractors they arranged to do the work. Everything was done professionally to quality standards and with minimum disruption. The repairs are now all complete. Overall, Judy and I appreciate the prompt and trouble-free way in which the claim has been handled and are very satisfied with the resulting repairs. Thank you for your consideration in helping us get through a stressful situation. Best Regards,

Peter - Steamatic Avalon