Cleaning Your Furniture

Keeping leather furniture clean can be difficult. There are various leather cleaners on the market, however they can come at a hefty cost. Instead of purchasing expensive cleaner, you can make your own solution at home. It works well on leather clothing and furniture. You will need 1/4 cup of olive oil, 1/2 cup of regular vinegar and a spray bottle. Easily combine the two ingredients into your bottle and shake it thoroughly. Spray the leather and give it a wipe down. The vinegar smell does not linger. As a quick reminder, this simple recipe should only be used for leather!

When it comes to micro fibre furniture cleaning can be a bit trickier. You will need a spray bottle, white scrub brush, white sponge, and rubbing alcohol. Pour rubbing alcohol into the spray bottle and spray the couch or stains you wish to remove. Using a sponge scrub the area where the stains are. You will begin to see the stains lifting off and coming onto your sponge. If the sponge becomes very dirty swap it out for a fresh one. Once your couch is dry you can use your scrub brush with swirling motions to restore the texture and feel.

If you have couch cushion covers that are washable this is a great way to freshen up furniture. Some chair and couch cushions have covers that conveniently zip right off and are machine washable. This makes it extremely easy to give you couch a bright and clean renewal. This method can also be used for most throw pillows!

If you are worrisome about trying to clean your furniture yourself contact Steamatic today! Steamatic offers professional furniture and drapery cleaning for your home! By having your furniture professionally cleaned you maintain tidy and beautiful couches and chairs. Contact a Steamatic expert today at 1-888-767-7616!

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