Cleaning Your Child’s Toys

Your child’s toys can become covered with germs and bacteria that are not visible to the naked eye. Unless your child stains a toy you may not even consider washing it on a regular basis.

Toddlers and Kindergarten aged children are surrounded by other kids all day at pre-school and elementary school. They share toys, put them in their mouths, and are in constant contact with one another. This is why it is so important for schools and you at home to disinfect your child’s toys!

Another spot where your kids toys are that you may forget to clean is the bath tub! The inside of your kid’s bath toys become wet and are left moist which is a breeding ground for mould. Since they are constantly surrounded by water and soap you would presume that these toys are clean, however that isn’t always the case. Allow these toys to air out after your child’s bath time or replace them on a regular basis.

There are numerous ways you can clean your child’s toys including the following:

You can put your child’s small toys in a mesh bag and throw them in your dishwasher. Do not put barbie dolls or action figures with hair in the dishwasher as the hair can melt and cause a mess. Instead of putting dish washing detergent in the dish washer you can use vinegar to eliminate all dirt and germs!

Stuffed animals can be placed in a mesh bag and put into the washing machine on delicates. Once the cycle is done they can be placed in the dryer on delicate as well with low heat to avoid melting of eyes or plastic noses on bears.

For barbie dolls or other toys with hair that cannot go in the dish washer use water and vinegar mixed and spray on a paper towel to wipe them down. Another option is using a lysol wipe to remove any germs and bacteria from your child’s toys. Just ensure you rinse the toy with water and dry it prior to handing it back to your child to play with.

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