Benefits of Dry Ice Cleaning

Dry ice cleaning is an efficient and effective way to promote environmentally sustainable cleaning. Dry ice cleaning uses soft dry ice at a high speed to eliminate residue. Dry ice cleaning uses compressed air to force frozen carbon dioxide to a high speed. Carbon dioxide is a liquified gas and is non poisonous which is cost friendly and easily stored.

Dry ice cleaning is a non abrasive and non flammable cleaning treatment. It is environmentally friendly and has no secondary contaminants. This type of cleaning produces less waste and does not need the clean up that a blasting method would. Dry ice cleaning is certified for use in the food industry and allows convenient cleaning without moving or taking apart items. 


Dry ice cleaning can be used effectively without creating fire hazards. This cleaning technique ranges from gentle to strong methods depending on what is being cleaned.  


This cleaning method provides an outstanding clean. This technique allows for superior results with less effort. Dry ice cleaning machines perform, are reliable, offer cost savings, and are multifunctional. 


Dry ice cleaning can be used to treat fire or smoke damage that your business or home has suffered from.  Dry ice cleaning can also be used to clean food processing equipment to eliminate traits of salmonella, E. coli, and other bacterias. It can also be used to clean equipment, such as large baking or cooking appliances. This safe method of cleaning does not produce fire or electrical hazards. 


Many homeowners find that this cleaning technique is great for remediating and eliminating mould and mildew from different surfaces. This innovative, and safe method of cleaning is offered by Steamatic. This low maintenance and multipurpose cleaning technique is popular and effective. Our skilled and experienced team will provide the dry ice cleaning service in a timely manner.

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We are very happy with the repairs and with Avalon Steamatic. Your team is fantastic! From the initial survey and analysis of the damage by Dave, to Kevin’s team with their excellent carpentry and cabinet making skills, to the excellent work by the cleaning staff, and to your readily accessible self, keeping us in the loop on everything – we were in good hands, and we thank you. I’m pretty sure this was our second time around (second water damage) claim that your company looked after, and it was reassuring to have such a professional company restore our property. We would certainly recommend Avalon Steamatic for anyone going through a similar experience.

Mr Thorne - Steamatic Avalon