Document and Media Restoration

To efficiently restore your documents act quickly. Contact professional document and media restoration technicians to ensure that your documents will be revitalized. To prevent further damage of your important documents you must have professionals come quickly.

Steamatic has a 3 step process when it comes to media restoration. First you should contact your insurance company. They will then recommend that you get in contact with us. Next, we will freeze all of your valuable documents to decrease water damage and allow us to recover as much of your data as possible. Following the sublimination process we will clean and restore your documents and media.

Steamatic can also eliminate mould and mildew from documents and books. Mould can slowly eat away at your personal belongings if not remediated properly. It is extremely important to efficiently eliminate all mould from your belongings to prevent it from spreading onto other items in your home.

Steamatic specializes in water damage clean up. If your papers, books, x-rays, cd’s, tapes, or dvd’s have suffered from water or mould damage, we can help! Steamatic is able to save your documents and media through an innovative process that is solely used by Steamatic’s team of professionals.

For all of your water restoration and mould removal needs contact Steamatic at 1-888-767-7616 or fill out a quick service request form here!

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The workers Luc, Tommy, David and Maxime were polite, helpful and efficient and the work well done.

Mrs Laursen - Steamatic Vaudreuil-Salaberry