Document Restoration


Steamatic can help in the recovery and restoration of your papers, books, X-Rays, microfiches, microfilms, CDs, tapes and more after a fire, or if they have suffered water and even mould damage.

Innovative and Effective Document Restoration Technique

The innovative and highly effective system we use to recover documents and medias typically requires heavy freezing because this prevents further damage from the existence of liquid. It is during the liquid state that water especially can damage books and paper documents.

Call your Insurer

The first thing you should do before calling Steamatic is get in touch with your insurance. They are the one who will tell you to call us.

We freeze the documents

Quick freezing will limit and minimize water damage and will give us time to steadily and methodically go about recovering as much of your data as possible.

We safely restore the documents

Once the sublimation process is done, we can safely clean and restore the damaged documents and media.

Important First Step for Efficient Document Restoration

If your documents and media are wet we will make sure to deep freeze them immediately, within 24 hours where possible, to mitigate the extent of the damage. In many cases, quick freezing will limit and minimize water damage and will give us time to steadily and methodically go about recovering as much of your data as possible, applying different techniques and methodologies depending on the media in question and extent of the damage suffered.

We remove mould and mildew from books and other documents

Steamatic also removes or remediates mould and mildew from books and other documents. Mould is hazardous to any home or commercial property and can “eat” away at belongings. What’s more, mould spores can travel and spread from one place to another if disturbed so it is important to clean them up efficiently and without encouraging their spread.

If you have any documents or media that has suffered water, fire, or smoke damage or that you believe has been infected by mould contact Steamatic as soon as possible so that we can start the process quickly and save as much information from your items as possible.

See how Steamatic Canada is changing lives

I wanted to let you know what an excellent customer service experience that I had with Ivan Cartagena and his workers. Ivan was extremely professional, communicative and helpful during the whole process (we had flooding in our basement and Steamatic was the company appointed by my insurance company to complete the necessary work). The onsite workers were polite, professional and worked very cleanly and responsibly (our home was always respected and left clean after each time they were onsite). I would not hesitate to recommend Steamatic based on the experience I had.

Mrs. Ferraro - Steamatic West Metro